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How to become a Friend

You become a Friend of the Kalahari Meerkat Project with two easy steps:

  1. Choose one or several of our meerkat groups you wish to receive information about, from our group selection page. The membership fee varies with the number of groups chosen - see Membership Levels here.
  2. Pay your Friends fee with PayPal (click here), or send us your data with the form below and we will contact you with the details for your payment.

Once your payment reaches us, you will receive access to the Friends package of your group(s) as well as the access data for the Friends Section by email.


Please read the small print for more details about your membership rights. By submitting your membership application, you agree to the rules set in the small print.


Gift memberships are available - please contact us with the form below if you wish to make this membership a gift to someone.


New: Residents of South Africa and SADC Countries can now become "pup" or "juvenile" Friends of the KMP for approx. 60 ZAR (pup) or 140 ZAR (juvenile), payable in US$, via Paypal. Please use the form below to apply.


Use PayPal to become a Friend

The fastest way to become a Friend is by using PayPal to send us your membership fee. This option is currently only available for pup memberships (1 group for one year, 25 GB£ or 50 US$). Simply choose your favourite meerkat group from the list below and click on "Pay with Paypal".


Note: If you wish to use a specific screen name in the Friends Burrow, please enter it at the "Click here to enter username" option on the PayPal site.


If you want to support the KMP even more, and get access to the information about more than one group, please use the form below.

Choose your group and pay in US$:

Choose your group and pay in GB£:

Friends membership form

Do you want to support the KMP research and receive information on more than one meerkat group? Or do you want to send a gift membership to someone else?


Please send us your data with the Friends membership form (click HERE to get to it), and we will contact you via email with details for your payment. For gift memberships, enter your own name, address and email address in the form, and we will email you for details. By submitting your application, you accept the small print (click here).


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