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meerkatmanor.co.uk website


Interested in getting the real background information to Meerkat Manor?


Oxford Scientific have just launched their new website to the Meerkat Manor series, www.meerkatmanor.co.uk


You'll find real background to the history of Meerkat Manor, a gem named "Behind the Scenes" from the movie crew, the "Burning Questions" section where Caroline Hawkins and the team will give answers to what we always wanted to know, or youtube links to background movies never seen before. There's also a forum to get in touch with the team and other Meerkat Manor fans. And then there is the "Cutting Room Floor", where some long-awaited goodies can be uncovered...


And as if this was not enough good news: John Waters, Ted Giffords, Ralph Bower have just been shortlisted for an EMMY in the category "Outstanding Cinematography for Non-Fiction Programming".


Congratulations from the FKMP to the OSF team for their brand new website, and to this tremendous success on the Emmy shortlist!


But now click on the logo below to see it yourself - enjoy!


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