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Commandos was founded in 2004 when Gattaca females and Young Ones males joined after a group encounter. They established well and became a very attractive, but also competitive, fast-growing group. Some of the Commandos meerkats were also featured in Meerkat Manor, though many of the season 2 and 3 “Commandos group scenes” actually show the Vivian group's dominant couple. Unfortunately, the group moved away from the central research area, and contracted disease; they were recently lost. Read more here.

The Friends Package for Commandos includes:

  • A group overview and short history, including picture.
  • A three-page chronology of the most important events, updated until the group's suspension in 2009.
  • A list of all named meerkats born or immigrated into the Commandos group.
  • High-resolution pictures of individuals or the group.


An older family tree is still available.

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