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Meerkat Picture Contest

Here they are, the winning pictures of our Autumn Meerkat Picture Contest! Please join us in congratulating the winners in each category:

  • Loretta in the KMP meerkats category, with her portrait of Monkulus and Zaphod taken in March 2009 - It is an awesome picture, not just because of the two celebrities shown, but also because of the almost intimate moment Loretta caught on camera! Loretta's picture won with 37 votes. Loretta selected a pup membership as her prize, which she will donate as a gift; her winning picture is already featured in our new "Celebrate Zaphod" calendar. Many thanks, Loretta!!!
  • Laurie in the Zoo meerkats category, with her close-up of three meerkat pups at San Diego Zoo in August 2008 - shy but curious as their brothers and sisters in the Kalahari! Laurie's picture won with 36 votes. Laurie selected the Whiskers burrows sand rack as her prize - it will be mailed to you in the next days!
  • Meerkatgirl in the Meerkat Art category, with her sensible and atmospheric drawing of a lone Kolo looking out into the desert, missing his guardian brother. With 57 votes for her drawing, Meerkatgirl and Kolo attracted most votes in all categories. We're waiting for Meerkatgirl's reply on which prize she chooses.


Last but not least we congratulate Isabella, Jacqui, Jenny, Katherine, Katie, Nicola and Shaylee our lucky pup contributors (all aged less than 20 years) as winners of a free copy of the Lead The Meerkats Wii game. The game is not yet out - but a voucher for a free game download will be on its way to you girls soon!


We from the FKMP team were amazed by the quality of each single contribution, and were glad that you, our Friends and website visitors, did the voting - it was so difficult to elect a winner amongst all of them! We would like to congratulate the winners, thank all contributors for their fabulous pictures, and everyone who voted for joining in and having fun!


We will leave the gallery and voting open for future (or returning) visitors - you find all pictures by clicking here. Enjoy!



And these are the prizes:

  • A rack with sand from the real Whiskers burrows, with pictures of the burrows and the events that happened there.*
  • A picture of one of the famous KMP meerkats, with sand and dried flowers from where that meerkat walked (a magnificent prize donated by Monica).*
  • A 50$ gift certificate for our FKMP store with loads of KMP meerkats merchandise - look out for our upcoming goodies!
  • A free FKMP pup membership (for yourself or as a gift for someone else).


With a bit of luck, participants of pup age (under 20 years) can win a free "Lead the Meerkats" Wii Game (click here for more info).


Winners will be contacted and can select their prize. The FKMP reserves the right to assign prizes in case a selected prize is not available.


* (only for winners who haven't been at the KMP).


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Loretta's picture of Monkulus and Zaphod

Laurie's picture of 3 pups

Meerkatgirl's picture of Kolo



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