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Zaphod - King of the Kalahari!


On August 21st, 2008, Zaphod will be 3543 days old.


With this, Zaphod will become the male meerkat who lived the longest in the known KMP meerkat population. On this day he is overtaking Stinker (VYM005, a.k.a. Sondheim, born 20-Mar-1996, last seen 1-Dec-2005), until now the holder of this prestigious title!


According to Rob Suthcliffe, the KMP project manager, "Zaphod is fine. He's still maintaining his huge weight, and seems as fit as he ever was. He does tend to go down fairly early, so i guess the cold might get to his bones!! What a legend though!"


We celebrate our King of the Kalahari with a Zaphod contest and a special promotion on all Zaphod articles in our FKMP store!


Zaphod King of the Kalahari contest

Here are the winners of the Zaphod contest:


Congratulations to all winners!!! Your prizes are on their way...


And those were the questions for the Zaphod contest - you will find most of the answers on the FKMP website, or in Tim Clutton-Brock's book "Flower of the Kalahari". 


Question 1: Who were Zaphod's mother and father (name or ID code)?
Question 2: What's the name and ID of Zaphod's male littermate?
Question 3: After which character in which book was Zaphod named?
Question 4: When did Zaphod first become dominant male at Whiskers?
Question 5: How many times was Zaphod dominant male of the Whiskers?
Question 6: When did he return to roving roulette, after the loss of Flower?
Question 7: Who is now dominant female at Zaphod's side?


The contest is over...

... here are the correct answers:


Answer 1: Zaphod's parents were VVM001 Vivian, the founder and dominant female of the Vivian group, and VEM005 Phoenix; Phoenix was an Elveera rover, and his paternity was based on genetic testing.
The parents' ID's can be found on the March 2008 name list.

Answer 2: Zaphod's male littermate was Yossarian; he had the ID code VVM033. Yossarian and Zaphod were roving buddies, and were never separated from each other for long, until Yossarian disappeared in July 2006. However, they also put up some vicious fights for dominance... Zaphod and Yossarian had a female littermate, Rapunzel (VVF031). She was evicted and dispersed together with two other Vivian females at the age of three.
Yossarian's ID is mentioned in the section on Naming.


Answer 3: Zaphod was named after Zaphod Beeblebrox, a character in Douglas Adams' amazing fantasy novel "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

This can be found in the FAQ section.

Answer 4: Zaphod became dominant at Whiskers for the first time on September 22nd/23rd, in 2001, together with Vialli. They both ousted Zazu and Risca, the previous dominant couple, after a group split.
This date can be found in Tim Clutton-Brock's book "Flower of the Kalahari". We accepted all answers mentioning September 2001.

Answer 5: Zaphod was the dominant male of the Whiskers for three times: 23/09/01-13/02/03 (following his brother Zazu), 27/04/04-10/06/07 (following his littermate Yossarian), 15/07/07-06/09/07 (following his nephew Zarathustra, who briefly took dominance when Zaphod went roving after Flower's death).
The number of dominance tenures can be calculated based on Tim Clutton-Brock's book and the June 2007 LH report.

Answer 6: Zaphod returned to roving in June 2007.
This can be found in the June 2007 Life History report.

Answer 7: It is Zaphod's niece Monkulus who is now the dominant female on his side, at the Aztecs group.
This was a joker question which needed a bit of combination skills for everyone not familiar with the groups: Monkulus (she can be found on the name list) is Maybelline, the dominant female of Aztecs, in Meerkat Manor (who is now shown on Zaphod's side).

Thanks to everyone who participated - despite the initial technical problems, we had a lot of participants! Looking forward to the next contest!


Zaphod special promotion at FKMP store

To celebrate Zaphod's big day, we offered most Zaphod items in the FKMP store at a special promotion price from August 20th to August 24th!


This promotion is over, but check back soon, there might be another.


For example (all prices excl. shipping):

  • New: Zaphod King of the Kalahari - edun live T-shirt: 25.95$ instead of 29.20$
  • New: Large Zaphod poster: 19.95$ instead of 29.95$
  • Zaphod meerkat mug: 12.95$ instead of 14.60$
  • New: Zaphod King of the Kalahari Magnet large: 3.50$ instead of 4.50$


Click here for all Zaphod items in the FKMP store!


This means that 10%* of each Zaphod item sold will go to support the KMP research - or 17% (7% added by zazzle) if you order your items by clicking on this link. Check out the FKMP store today!


* 10% is the minimum royalty on zazzle products. 10%-promotion will be valid irrespective of any other royalty percentage indicated in the product description.


Contest rules

And these are the rules - by participating in the "Zaphod - King of the Kalahari" contest, you agree to these terms:

  • The first three participants to submit the correct answer to each of the contest questions are the winners. 
  • If less than three persons submit the correct answers, the three persons with the highest number of correct answers will be winners.
  • Each winner may select one Zaphod item from the FKMP store (click here to see the selection).
  • Each person can participate only once; if someone participates more than once, only the first submission will be counted.
  • The winners will be presented on the kalahari-meerkats.com website, and will be contacted by email. They will be asked to provide a shipping address for their prizes.
  • The prizes are not paid in cash, and there is no recourse to correspondence or legal action. The risk of not being able to participate, for technical or other reasons, remains with the participant, not with the FKMP.


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