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Drie Doring

Picture by Deborah "DebWeb" (2008)


The Drie Doring have set records in the KMP Life History, yet they haven’t become a famous group until late. The Drie Doring female Mabili holds the all-time record as the oldest female meerkat in the entire project history. But the Drie Doring themselves are the oldest group in the project, having been observed since the project started at the current site – the KRR life history file even starts with the FSEEN entry for a Drie male, on October 20th, 1993! Their life history features a lot of astonishing events... Read more here.

The Friends Package for Drie Doring includes:

  • A group overview and short history, including picture.
  • A six-page chronology of the most important events, updated as per November 2012.
  • A list of all named meerkats born or immigrated into the Drie Doring group.
  • High-resolution pictures of individuals or the group.


An older group family tree is still available, but it won't be updated for now.



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