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Longing to be surrounded by KMP meerkats all day!?


The 2016 KMP meerkat calendar is now available in our FKMP store, along with loads of other meerkat stuff! 

Click here for the 2016 KMP Calendar featuring a new set of awesome meerkat photos, or see our expanded selection of Season's Greetings cards. Just right for the holidays season come Wrapping paper, with matching ribbons and gift bags, in two styles - one with the "Warhol Flower", one with hugging pups.

But there are hundreds of other products with KMP meerkats...


Our store can be found at www.zazzle.com/fkmp_store* or click on your favourite items on this site to get to the FKMP store.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.




Our store provided by zazzle.com will give you a selection of items and designs - and you pick your size, colour, model... Zazzle will produce your high-quality shirt, calendar or other item on order, and do the logistics and administration.


The royalty of each item sold will go to the FKMP Friends funds, and be used to support meerkat research at the Kalahari Meerkat Project.


Feel free to share the URL of our shop with anyone who likes meerkats - make sure to include the asterisk (the Zazzle "star"), as it will support the KMP research even more.




Thank you for supporting the KMP meerkat research with our FKMP store!


For more meerkat art created by Friends, please see their stores by clicking here.



International stores

A note on the international Zazzle stores. Zazzle now offers stores in various other countries:


UK store: www.zazzle.co.uk/fkmp_store*

Deutscher Store (D): http://www.zazzle.de/fkmp_store*

Canada store (E/F): www.zazzle.ca/fkmp_store*

Australia store: www.zazzle.com.au/fkmp_store*

Schweizer/Suisse Store (D/F): www.zazzle.ch/fkmp_store*

Brazil store (BR): www.zazzle.com.br/fkmp_store*

More countries: Zazzle International


They offer the following advantages:

  • Local language, local currency
  • No import/customs taxes to be paid.


However, please keep the following in mind:

  • The international portals don't feature the full product range. Calendars, for example, are not available in most of the international stores. Visit the zazzle.com/fkmp_store for the full range.
  • The shipping fees in international stores are similar to those of shipments from the USA.
  • The US store usually offers the best discounts, so it may be worth shopping there even if the shipping fees were lower on an international site.



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