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Renewing your Friends membership

Is it almost one year since you became a Friend of the Kalahari Meerkat Project, or renewed your membership?

Your membership expires after one year counted from the date we sent you your welcome email with your Friends burrow access data, or renewal email. Your access to the Friends burrow will then automatically stop after a grace period of one month, unless you renew your membership. 

We would be glad if you chose to renew your Friends membership and continue to support the KMP meerkat research, by selecting any of the group(s) available for Friends from the Group selection site.

You can choose as many of the groups as you like - be it the one you had before, or others. We continue to make new groups available, and will also expand the existing Friends packages, adding more information to the group chronologies. 


Please only use the renewal buttons below if you are an existing Friend renewing your membership! New Friends please click here.


As an existing Friend you will receive a 10% discount on your renewal fee if you seamlessly renew on the same or a higher membership level while your previous membership is still active.

We also invite Friends to sponsor a gift membership for those Friends who can't afford to renew their membership. Both sponsors and recipients please click here.


New: Membership fees for Residents of South Africa and SADC Countries are now 60 ZAR (pup) or 140 ZAR (juvenile), respectively (payable in US$, via Paypal). Please use the form on the New Membership page to renew at these rates.

How to renew your membership

Renewing your Friends membership is easy - just follow the steps below.


Do you want to renew on the same or a higher membership level?

If yes click HERE.


or: Do you want to renew on a membership level that is lower than the one you currently hold?

If yes click HERE.


or: Do you want to sponsor the renewal of a gift membership of another Friend?

If yes click HERE.


The membership levels are:

  • Pup - 1 group
  • Juvenile - 3 groups
  • Adult - 5 groups
  • Dominant - all groups

(see here for more information)

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