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Free gift memberships

Pups, watch out! There are occasional gift pup memberships available for keen young meerkat experts, but also older meerkat enthusiasts who cannot afford the membership fee. We would like to thank the generous donors for this wonderful offer!

Click here to see currently available memberships, and sign up.
Click here to see previous recipients & donors.

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Currently available free memberships

Right now, there are no gift memberships available, but check back soon, as this can change.


Please fill in the gift membership form (click here) to apply - and you might get the chance to become a pup Friend of the Kalahari Meerkat Project for one year, for free! We can't guarantee that you'll get a membership, as we have to choose amongst all who apply, but maybe it's you??? So please tell us why you are interested in meerkats and want to become a Friend of the KMP!

Don't forget that you may not share the Friends information with anyone else; by sending your application to us, you agree to the Small Print (click here), and kids confirm that your parents/guardian agree to you becoming a Friend. Click here to see a note you can show your parents/guardian.

Please fill in ALL fields and the reason why we should pick you! The privacy of applicants is protected by the FKMP same as that of members.


Previous gift membership recipients & donors

The recent donations of gift memberships have been done by existing Friends, and by anonymous donors from the Animal Planet Meerkat Manor board. The FKMP would like to thank the donors for making this generous gift possible! Here is a list of previous recipients of gift memberships:

  • loneevictedmeerkat
  • youssy
  • rattiesrules
  • meerkatgirl
  • spiceyweasel
  • skygirl
  • mi_sh_mo_to
  • hopeforourwhiskers
  • innocent_meerkat4
  • mitchlover11
  • zkg
  • volleyball_meerkat
  • Dylan
  • Kay
  • tornadowarning
  • Bischonmom
  • jkat
  • WhiskersFan
  • _commandoes_
  • Mozart2
  • melvsmom
  • cortisphipps
  • Marilyn
  • lolamom
  • savannahland


Spiceyweasel, meerkatgirl, and skygirl receive their gift memberships because of their amazing contributions to the Flower Memorial Book.

Sponsor a gift membership

If you want to donate a gift membership to someone you know from a forum, please contact us via the membership form (click here). We will contact you for more details, and can often help getting in touch with the recipient.


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Drawings by spicyweasel

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pictures by spicyweasel

Drawing by Sebastian

Aunt Evi with meerkat; Sebastian, 4 yrs

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