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Doro's "my meerkat - gokuki store"

Germany goes meerkat - check out these cute meerkat textiles, and give them a home in your home, bag, purse - or on yourself! 

Our Friend Doro designs meerkat textiles inspired by her local "Mundenhof mob" - and she ships them internationally! Browse through her store (use the arrow icon at the right) and click here to get to the English store..


Interview with gokuki - Doro

FKMP: Please introduce us to your meerkat products- what are they?

Doro: I offer a variety of textile products with my meerkat designs on them. In my shop you will find bags, pencil cases, accessories, fashion items like scarfs, caps, wallets, textile book covers, pillows, postcards, Christmas decoration... soon I will also put up T-Shirts with one of my designs screen printed on them. Some of my products also feature individual meerkats from our local mob.

FKMP: What are the techniques you use?
Doro: I mainly use appliqué, but for some of my textiles I also used "cut-and-slash" technique. All my meerkat shapes and graphics were created by myself.

FKMP: What inspired you to start creating meerkat products?

Doro: About two years ago I started thinking about meerkat products, as not very much was on offer featuring meerkats. I wondered why, as they have such a big following, everybody likes meerkats!
At that time I had no real idea what to make. Plushies? Too complicated... T-Shirts? No.
This spring I stumbled upon a bag designer`s blog and this inspired me to create bags with meerkat designs on them. I started with one bag for myself and more ideas came up in the process.

FKMP: What are the designs you can offer? Can customers choose their own favourite?
Doro: I have a large variety of design on offer, and almost any product can be customized to your preferences. As I also use vintage fabrics, some or other design may be no longer available, but you can still choose from a large range of fabrics.
It is also possible to have your favourite meerkat on a product of your choice. For this I will need a picture of your favourite meerkat, preferrably in profile or semiprofile, which will then be transformed into a textile design.

FKMP: How does ordering work?

Doro: I have an online-shop on the German platform Dawanda, which is similar to etsy.
You can place your order through their system, all you need is to register, which is completely free of charge. Then you may either buy directly or contact me for details, wishes etc. Click here to get to the store.

FKMP: How much will a meerkat product cost? Do you ship internationally?
Doro: The range is from 4 € for a hand-cut and hand decorated Santa Kat to 58 € for the tribute bags. For customized products, please ask, as it depends on whether I need to make a new shape from scratch, or you choose a design on offer.

I do ship internationally, but be aware that shipping from Germany for example to USA is very expensive and starts at 8.50 €. Within Europe it is slightly chearper.
For international orders I also accept payment via PayPal. Please contact me via the Dawanda store before placing an order if you want use PayPal. To contact me, please use the contact form in my store. You find it in the bottom left corner of the page.

FKMP: How long will it be before I receive my item?
Doro: I depends on whether it is a product on stock or a customized product, on my schedule and on where you live.
Products on stock will be shipped as soon as I receive your payment. Shipping will take between 2 - 15 days, depending on where you live.
For customized products, it depends on availablity of materials, complexity of design etc. Usually I start right away, as soon as I have a clear idea what you would like. The product will then be put up in my shop with a "reservation for..." tag on them.


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