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Select your favourite group(s) from the list below, and see what will come with your Friends membership.


With each group, you will receive the following:

  • The Friends Package for your group
  • Periodical information like profiles of individual meerkats (e.g. rovers, dominants)
  • Registered access to the Friends Burrow with more information about our groups, like family trees, profiles of individual meerkats, or detailed life history reports. The Friends Burrow also includes an online forum for Friends to meet, and the opportunity to ask questions to the researchers.
  • Get the chance to participate in an exclusive Friends visit to the meerkats.


Please see the publicly available information on the Balrog group below as an example of what is provided in the Friends package.


Click on the group names to select your favourite groups from this list:


Other groups will become available over time, though contents of the Friends package may vary. Please check back here.

Last update of the chronologies: November 2012 - see the monthly life history reports for more recent events (click here).


Balrog (with public information)

Balrog was a group living at the borders of the monitored area that was only habituated in 2001. Wild meerkats and Vivian members repeatedly combined in Balrog’s history, but Balrog was finally lost to disease. Read more here.

The Friends Package for Balrog is given in the public downloads section (click here) as an example and is available to the public; it includes:

  • A group overview and short history, including a picture of the group.
  • A three-page chronology of the important events in the Balrog history based on our life history data.
  • A list of all animals born into the Balrog group (ID codes starting with VB...) as well as the permanently immigrated meerkats.

Balrog cannot be chosen for a Friends membership.


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