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Current life history reports

The Life History Report summarises the main events in the currently habituated meerkat groups. It is updated on a monthly basis. For a list of the current meerkat codes vs. individual names, please select the name list below, or click here (link to Naming site with previous Name Lists). For information about the Life History data and abbreviations used, click here (link to Life History site).


Download LH Tables

2016-04 April LH Table

2016-03 March LH Table

2016-02 February LH Table

2016-01 January LH Table

2015-12 December LH Table

2015-11 November LH Table

2015-10 October LH Table

2015-09 September LH Table


The Meerkatter - Sample Report

Name List - 2014



The previous LH tables are currently unavailable, please accept our apologies and check back later.


The complete monthly reports including detailed events for all groups are available to Friends of the Kalahari Meerkat Project. Click here to become a Friend.


Notice to absent meerkats


Please note that if a meerkat is listed as "Absent at end of month", this means that he or she is currently not with her group. It does not mean that he or she is dead. Many of these meerkats left in splinter groups or rover coalitions, and are expected to return or merge with another group outside of the research area or within. According to the KMP's protocol, they are still considered members of their group for a certain period, and are thus included in the total number of animals in the respective group. For more background information on the protocol uses of LSEEN, DEAD, etc. please click here.


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