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Moomins is one of the younger groups, founded in 2002 by Lazuli females and Drie Doring males. They are not the most adventurous group – not least because their territory was a bit removed from other groups. Nevertheless, they were growing steadily. Their offspring is not famous because of the dominant animals they raised. But Fluffernutter – the meerkat who lived despite being born with no claws – recently got many fans around the world. Read more here.

The Friends Package for Moomins includes:

  • A group overview and short history, including picture.
  • A 3.5-page chronology of the most important events, until the group's suspension in 2010.
  • A list of all named meerkats born or immigrated into the Moomins group.
  • High-resolution pictures of individuals or the group.


An older family tree remains available, but it won't be updated for now.






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