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KMP meerkat research started in 1993, in the Gemsbok National Park (now Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park). Research, but also meerkat behaviour was often different to that at the KRR site, and a drought in 1994/1995 decimated the population. However, researchers observed 16 meerkat groups over the course of five years - e.g. the Jacksons, South or Sandile who all prospered for a long time. Chronologies of all groups, along with a wealth of background information to the KMP research at the park, are now available for Friends of the Kalahari Meerkat Project.

The Friends Package for the Park Groups includes:


  • A short history of KMP research at the park
  • Meerkat behaviour in the park, and its differences to that at the KRR
  • Research at the park, and its differences to that at the KRR
  • Background information to the drought of 1994/1995

  • Groups overview with locations and observation years
  • An eleven page chronology of all observed meerkat groups.
  • Pictures of research at the park, and of Juma, the famous National Geographic meerkat.


This Friends package is available to Friends of this group only.


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