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The raffle has ended, the winners are drawn ...and the winners are:

  • Kayla
  • Tammy
  • Esther


Congratulations to the three meerkat lovers!


Kayla, Esther and Tammy will receive the following prize:

  • An exclusive Squirt & Weenie jar filled with scorpions and millipedes (in the Jelly Belly version...). The lid shows a picture of Squirt and Weenie, taken by Jenny Lewis, the volunteer who named them. This jar is only available as the prize in this raffle.
  • A bag of sand to fill into the jar once the goodies are gone: sand scooped up while the documentary was filmed, for the Friends and meerkat fans! The sand is from the Whiskers dunes, overlooking the flats and the farm house, where the Whiskers group have had their territory since Flower led them there years ago...


But also a thank you to everyone else who participated and celebrated our new meerkat superstars Squirt and Weenie - the meerkat stars in BBCtwo's Natural World: Meerkats - Secrets of an Animal Superstar" show.

Contest rules

And these are the rules - by participating in the "Meerkat Superstars" raffle, you agree to these terms:

  • Each person can participate only once; if someone participates more than once, only the first submission will be counted. Submissions reaching us after the contest duration will not be counted.
  • The participation is valid if a name, valid email address and country are given. Entering a text in the other fields of the form is welcome, but optional, and does not influence the chances of winning. Make sure you enter a correct email address, so that we can contact you in case you win.
  • Of all participants submitting a valid form during the raffle duration, three winners will be drawn at random, using the randompicker.com service. 
  • The winners will be presented on the kalahari-meerkats.com website, and will be contacted by email. They will be asked to provide a shipping address for their prizes.
  • The prizes will be sent by the FKMP. They are not paid in cash, and there is no recourse to correspondence or legal action. The risk of not being able to participate, for technical or other reasons, remains with the participant, not with the FKMP.

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The exclusive Squirt & Weenie Jar

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