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It is with sadness we have to announce that Zaphod passed away on Friday, March 4th, 2011.


Since the start of the week, he had become more quiet than usual and needed more rest. His family the Aztecs brought food when he begged, and cuddled around him at the burrow. But with his appetite Zaphod lost weight, he went from 807 g to 567 g within a few days.


Zaphod became unusually lethargic on Thursday evening and didn't join the group when they went out foraging on Friday morning. The group didn't go far though, due to bad weather. The researcher checked on him during the day; at noon he saw him at the burrow entrance, but Zaphod wouldn't take water nor egg. Later on he was no longer there. Only late in the afternoon did the researcher find him: surrounded by the Aztecs group, Zaphod was curled up under a blackthorn tree not far from the burrow. He seemed to sleep, yet his old little heart had stopped beating.


Zaphod had just broken the all-time record, becoming the oldest meerkat ever observed at the KMP (see more here), and had a large community of fans around the world.


A very special meerkat, Zaphod was honoured in a very special way: His remains were not cremated, but buried in the Kalahari, under a shepherd's tree in what must be one of the most scenic locations in the KMP reserve: on a dune overlooking not only the farmhouses and the long-term Whiskers range, but also the region that has been Vivian territory many years ago. Even his birth burrow can be seen from the burial site... A simple wooden sign saying "Zaphod 1998 - 2011" now marks the spot.


The Friends who arrived at the KMP just days after Zaphod's death, on a Friends visit, have payed their respects not just of their own but also on behalf of the entire Friends Burrow. Thank you to Lil'E and Suzette for sharing their pictures with us.


Rest in peace, Zaphod.





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The burial site

View over Whiskers' land and the farmhouses

On his 12th birthday (Ben Sadd)

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