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Zaphod - Long live the King!


On February 12th, 2011, Zaphod will be 4448 days old.


With this, Zaphod will become the meerkat who lived the longest in the known KMP meerkat population. On this day he is overtaking Mabili (VDF005), the long-term dominant female of the Drie Doring group who held that title until she disappeared in January 2006.


We start celebrations of this very special day with a Zaphod contest (see below), but more is to come on February 12th!


The Zaphod contest

The "Zaphod - Long live the King" took place on February 10th, 2011, at 6:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and ran for 24 hours.


Our Jeopardy Kat found tough questions, it seems - since only one person answered all six Jeopardy questions correctly! 


And the winner is....


1st: Tammy S. - with correct answers to questions 1-6 - and the full 2200 points! Amazing!!!

2nd: Kathryn S. - with correct answers to 5 of the first 6 questions, and 2000 points.

3rd: Dano - with correct answers to 4 of the first 6 questions, but additional points in the other two questions - and a total of 2000 points, too.


The special prize for the best guess question (No. 7) goes to Alec W. - with his answer 321 he was closest to the right number of 327 LH entries.


And a surprise prize went to Jen H. because hers was the 12th reply we received - a 12th birthday gift from Zaphod will be pronking its way to Jen.



The prizes are:



Congratulations to our winners - and a big thank you to everyone who participated!


Zaphod Long live the King! contest

The contest is over - these were the questions:


Question 1: Zaphod's litter number is _____.

Question 2: Zaphod's littermates were _____ and _____.

Question 3: Zaphod immigrates into the Whiskers on _____ and takes dominance on _____ for the first time.

Question 4: After losing Flower and putting the Whiskers behind him, Zaphod takes his sons on a roving expedition and they settle at ___ ___ for a while and become known as the bachelor group _____.

Question 5: The most successful son and daughter of Zaphod living in the monitored population would be _____ and _____.

Question 6: Name the dominant females Zaphod met in the groups where he was/is a member?

Guess question 7: As per January 31st, 2011, the KMP life history file has ___ entries concerning Zaphod.


The answers will be posted on the FKMP site on February 12th.



The answers are given here; they can also be found in the profile about Zaphod. To identify the winners, points were awarded to each question; they are given in brackets. In italics are comments, e.g. to wrong answers we saw repeatedly.

Answer 1: Zaphod's litter number is VV9805 (100 points). VVM032 is his ID code, not his litter number.

Answer 2: Zaphod's littermates were Yossarian (or Youssarian or VVM033) and Rapunzel (or VVF031) - (100 points each, total 200 points).

Answer 3: Zaphod immigrated into Whiskers on 26/27 June 2001, and first took dominance on 22/23 September - (150 points each, total 300 points). We accepted either dates, but not if only June 2001 or September 2001 were given.

Answer 4: Zaphod and his rover coalition hung out at Sox Dam, and they were named the Incas - (200 points each, total 400 points).

Answer 5: Zaphod's most successful son and daughter living in the monitored population would be Ningaloo and Ella. - (250 points for each name, total 500 points) Both have the longest tenure as dominants; furthermore, Ella has given birth to the highest number of pups, of all of Zaphod's daughters. Monkulus has a longer tenure than Ella, but is not Zaphod's daughter. Billy has a shorter tenure and less pups. Machu Pichu and Alonzo Mourning are no longer in the monitored population.

Answer 6: Zaphod was/is a member of Vivian, Whiskers and Aztecs. At Vivian, he met Vivian and Rhian as dominant females. At Whiskers he met Risca, Vialli, Flower and Rocket Dog (Ella's dominance started only after he emigrated). And at Aztecs he met Monkulus. (100 points per correct name, total 700 points). He also met other dominant females (e.g. Morgause, Veda, Zorilla), but he was no member of their groups. Ella was dominant only after Zaphod left the Whiskers.

Answer 7: The life history has 327 entries for Zaphod. (Guess question, no points, but special prize).




Contest rules

And these are the rules - by participating in the "Zaphod - Long live the King!" contest, you agree to these terms:

  • The first three participants to submit the correct answer to each of the first 6 contest questions are the winners of the 1st to 3rd prize. 
  • If less than three persons submit the correct answers, the three persons with the highest number of correct answers will be winners.
  • The special prize is awarded to the person who submits the closest answer to guess question 7 (irrespective of when the answer is submitted during the 24 hours contest duration).
  • Each person can participate only once, answering all the questions; if someone participates more than once, only the first submission will be counted. Submissions reaching us after the contest duration will not be counted.
  • Each winner can select Zaphod item(s) from the FKMP store according to his/her rank (click here to see the selection). The winners will be presented on the kalahari-meerkats.com website, and will be contacted by email. They will be asked to provide a shipping address for their prizes.
  • The prizes will be ordered and sent by the FKMP. They are not paid in cash, and there is no recourse to correspondence or legal action. The risk of not being able to participate, for technical or other reasons, remains with the participant, not with the FKMP.

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