Baobab (BB)



Baobab is a group formed in December 2007 by four evicted Whiskers females, and three wild males. Dominance changed for a while: on female side between littermates Hawkeye and Cruise, on male side between Al Capone and Al Pacino. The Baobab grew to a 40-strong group, with a total of over 80 BB-born individuals in only four years – they certainly dethroned Commandos as the fastest-growing foundation group. This is due to the fact that both founding females seemed able to bring their litters through. After Hawkeye’s death in a car accident in 2010, Cruise held the dominant position unchallenged, with partner Al Capone. The group kept going from high to high, usually exceeding 30 members, until 16 males emigrated in one month, in July 2013, 12 of which formed Friksarmy with Kung Fu females while the other four joined Mayans. September brought a tragic end to Cruise’s long reign; she was probably predated. Amarula followed in her tracks. Al Capone soon turned to roving, and joined wild meerkats in March 2014, forming the HiggleDiggle group. Amarula’s older brother Mr. Lahey took male dominance, followed by Butch in early 2015. He and four other males emigrated to join Drie Doring. Meanwhile, Amarula, but also one or another subordinate female, managed to bring litter after litter through, so the group remains one of the largest in the monitored population. In October 2015 another group of four adult males dispersed, leaving Bubba in the dominant position. Only recently, Van Helsing male Willy joined the Baobab group, now acting dominant, while six adult males are missing.

The Baobab hold a territory around Big Dune and eastwards in the Kuruman riverbed.

The Baobab are available as a Friends group.

Axotwotls (AW)

The group was formed in early 2016. The remaining two females of the dwindling Axolotls group, Bearbatter and Bee, were, after a brief stay in a Ewoks splinter, joined by wild males. Bearbatter left to join the Whiskers, and the group currently consists of Bee and one wild individual.