Youma (YM) 2014-2015

Youma were founded in October 2014 by Mandela and Boetie, both Pandora evictees, Baobab males and General Big Daddy, a former member of the Aztecs group who had appeared out of nowhere 2 years after being last seen. The next month, the males were replaced by Lang Meneer (of Pandora origin) and three wild meerkats (one female). Later, T-Wink (of Pandora) joined and a pup was raised – yet the group composition remained unclear due to the very wild nature of the wildies. The group eventually started to show TB symptoms and dwindled; Mandela was on her own for several months until she also was found dead.

Yardies (YD) 2011-2012

The Yardies formed in August 2011 when six Toyota and a wild rover joined five Godzilla subordinate females. However, the group never reached stability. First, the two oldest males disappeared – probably due to TB. The remaining males roved frequently, and at the end of 2011 also the Godzilla females dispersed. Two wild females joined the remainder, but they eventually got lost. The three remaining males finally immigrated into Godzilla.

Xhosa (XX) 2002-2003

Three Lazuli females combined with three Vivian males plus two wild rovers to form Xhosa in late 2002. Their second litter first survived a burrow collapse because of a Gemsbok, was then abandonned, but finally was taken away by three Xhosa adults (1 male, 2 females!) who emigrated to form a new group with wild males. Only one female and one male remained, and she was no longer followed after the male took to roving.

Xhodes (XH) 2015

A group formed in January 2015 by two Nematoads evictees Sutica and Fran-the-Wo-Man who were followed beyond dispersal, and teamed up with a wild male. They had travelled 10 km (6 mi) from their natal group before they settled down. They could no longer be tracked after a few months, and went missing.