Abba (2003 – 2010+)

Abba was the name given in 2003 to a wild group that had been encountered occasionally between the territories of Young Ones, Frisky and Rascals, but was never habituated. Several rovers of the Young Ones are believed to have immigrated into Abba over time, and the founding males of Toyota may have been of Abba origin. However, Abba was never a monitored or “composition group”. As a wild group, they didn’t let researchers approach closer than 100-300 meters; however, given the fact that a group was consistently observed in that region, it was assumed that it was the same group.

In 2010, it was decided to start habituation of the group, which was progressing very slowly. Not having “Abba” in the life history files, it was decided to name this group “Godzilla” instead (see below).

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