Balrog (B) 2001-2007

Balrog had been encountered as a wild group in the vicinity of Gannavlakte farm house from 1994 until they were habituated by researchers during 2001. Dominant male was Balrog, then 4-6 yrs old. After the death of the dominant female, Vivian females immigrated of which Velvet became dominant.

After that had several dominance changes – at one point Babbelas, Velvet’s daughter, becoming dominant at the age of 9 months! Balrog had a remarkably large number of unsuccessful breeding attempts. The immigration of a new wild dominant male in 2006 required further habituation work at the group. After his death, the Vivian rover Boba established dominance. However, TB struck the Balrog hard; in their last months, most Balrog members disappeared or died, and even the immigration of two unrelated females couldn’t stop the decline. The Balrog group thus ended in June 2007.

More information on the Balrog is available as the Sample Friends Package.

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