Chalibonkas (CK) 2013-2015

This group was formed in November 2013 by two Überkatz evictees Ricou and Talkeetna, and three Lazuli males led by Bumpy (of BB origin), in a territory just south of the main road. Two months later, after the birth of the first Chalibonkas litter, Talkeetna died, probably hit by a car. Ricou gave birth to a litter of seven pups three months later – but was hit by a car herself in the same month, together with two of her pups. However, the Chalibonkas males and juveniles did everything to care for them. Being the only female from the first Chalibonkas litter, Kinkaju ascended to the throne, almost reluctantly it seemed. The adult males however spent a lot of their time away roving, and ran over to join a group Überkatz evictees in November 2014, leaving Kinkaju alone with two young females. Bumpy returned the next month, yet the females went missing after an IGI with Ewoks, and could no longer be tracked.

Chalibonkas’ territory was along of the main road on the Heights farm; their closest neighbors were Ewoks and Überkatz.

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