Friksarmy (FA) 2013-2015

Friksarmy were a group of 21 habituated individuals on the day they came into existence – because they were the result of a chance encounter: A coalition of 12 Baobab rovers met the Kung Fu group and just took 9 of their subordinate females with them. Dominance switched both on the female and male side; Robindrew emerged as the dominant female. The first litter with an VFA code was born in December 2013, but they also grew by “adopting” (or kidnapping?) four pups of their splinter group the Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, several of the Friksarmy meerkats were diagnosed with TB, including the dominant couple. Furthermore, the group moved to farmland where they could not be monitored. TB got worse, and the group was lost when the collared individual could no longer be tracked in February 2015.

The Friksarmy’s territory was in the East of the KMP field station, on the adjacent Leeupan farm and beyond, in the riverbed. Their neighbors on either side were Pandora, and Ghostbusters until they were last seen.

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