Gattaca (GG) 2001-2007

Gattaca were founded after Whiskers were invaded by Vivian males in 2001: two Whiskers females led by former dominant female Risca, and some of the newcomers, including the short-time dominant Izit, formed their own group. They teamed up with Stinker (ex dominant of Vivian) who held dominance of the group until his son Izit deposed him. Izit was lost in 2006, and a new group of Vivian rovers immigrated. However, all of these males were taken by disease, and the almost 9 years old Risca was predated. After that, the remaining two females dispersed, and the group was considered lost.

The family had struggled to establish itself. Compared to the much younger Commandos group (whose founding females were Gattacan), Gattaca grew only slowly, having 33 pups in 5 years – compared to about the same number of Commandos pups in just 1.5 years…

Gattaca last inhabited the region around the Gannavlakte farmhouse, and were regular guests there. The name Gattaca comes from a biotech/SciFi movie in the late 1990ties.

The Gattaca are available as a Friends group.

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