Hoax (HX) 2007

Individuals of a new wild group were first observed in December 2006, in the region South of Big Dune in the center of the reserve, which had been vacated after the previous territory moves of Whiskers, Commandos and Vivian. The four wild animals were joined by a Whiskers female, Tina Sparkle, and one juvenile, Suggs.

Habituation of this new group took eight months; by then all animals except for the dominant female Mau Mau were considered habituated, so that regular data collection could start. However, the Hoax males had abandonned the females by the end of the year, and Mau Mau disappeared. Tina Sparkle as the last animal in Hoax was no longer followed, but she remained in the region.

The Hoax are available as a Friends Group, together with Aztecs and Starsky.

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