Mayans (MY) 2012-2014

Mayans came into existence in October 2012 after a palace revolution at Aztecs, when Kathleen overthrew her mother and dominant female Monkulus – but the remainder of the Aztecs then switched sides to Monkulus! Monkulus didn’t take part in the ensuing dominance competition melée, but both male and female dominance changed on a regular basis. The group was also decimated by a group split and TB, with only 7 members remaining. They built strength – and got a new bloodline – with four Baobab males who immigrated in July 2013. Dominance – both male and female – kept changing, usually due to the death of the dominant, until eventually Monkulus became the dominant again. Only briefly though; she disappeared in December 2013, still weak from the drought season. Cinnamon took over dominance. Two litters with a VMY code were successfully raised when TB started to rear its ugly face. The group suffered severe losses due to TB, removing all Aztecs- and Sequoia-born adults. Seven month old female Attenborough stepped up to dominance, but the three pups of her first litter went missing. The numbers were boosted though by the immigration of three seemingly healthy wild males; they couldn’t turn Mayans’ fate for good however: The group could no longer be tracked in December 2014 after collared Attenborough went missing, probably succumbing to TB.

Mayans are not available as a Friends group, but their predecessor Aztecs is.

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