Sequoia (SQ) 2008-2013

The Sequoia were formed by two evicted females: Benzedrine, the No. 2 in Kung Fu, and Finn, who had just been ousted from the dominant position of her Toyota group. The females teamed up with several rovers, until they seemed to settle with the two subordinate Toyota males. They however returned to their own group shortly after, and the females were considered lost; the group’s observation was suspended. However, they resurfaced again in December 2008, in the company of four males: Bruce (a long-term rover of unidentified background) was the dominant male, and the other males were of different origins (Toyota, Hoax/Jaxx, wild). They grew to 15 members, while not observed. The group experienced a permanent group split in early 2009; the splinter led by Finn and Sid Vicious was considered lost, until the male was found in late 2009, in a group named the Pretenders. Meanwhile, the group consisted only of Benzedrine and Bruce, and their offspring. In June 2012 however, a group split became permanent, with Sequoia being reduced to Benzedrine and four subordinates. Their splinter, called the Überkatz, attacked them and savaged Benzedrine, so that she lost her dominance position to Ru. Benzedrine remained in the group, as subordinate. Two Aztecs rovers joined their ranks, but Bruce and the SQ born males returned, with Bruce retaining his dominant position. The drought of 2013 marked the start of Sequoia’s decline, however: it first claimed Benzedrine. Soon after the natal males led by Bruce were displaced by four Van Helsing males. At that time, all Sequoia members were marked by TB, and it brought the group to an end when the remaining two females had to be euthanised in September 2013.

Sequoia lived in the center of the reserve near the riverbed.

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