Starsky (ST) 2006-2007

Kinkaju, "Carlos", Mozart - from Meerkat Manor

Kinkaju, “Carlos”, Mozart – from Meerkat Manor

The Starsky group was formed in August 2006 by four evicted Whiskers females and the Lazuli and Young Ones males who had previously abandonned the PQ group. Male dominance was immediately taken by the Lazuli male JD, but none of the females ever established a clear dominance. Of the four litters born into Starsky, none survived the first days. All members were subsequently lost, due to poor foraging conditions, disease and predation. With the predation of the last remaining female  Mozart, the Starsky group was last seen in April 2007.

The Starsky are available as a Friends group, together with Aztecs and Hoax.


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