Toyota (TY) 2008-2014

The Toyota group was formed in January 2008 by three evicted Whiskers females and three wild males, which were named after rugby players. They were first led by Finn who was ousted by Ju Drop, and emigrated to form Sequoia. Ju Drop disappeared however, and the group was then dominated by Miss Lilly the Pink and Gregan. The dominant couple succumbed to TB, and unfortunately the disease has claimed most Toyota meerkats until the group was down to one male and two juveniles. Firefly, the juvenile female, broke all age records when she started acting dominant and chasing rovers, in this setup, at the age of 7 months. She was soon joined by Fingal, a Drie Doring male, but he disappeared too soon. Firefly gave up dominant position soon after when two Whiskers evictees, Naggapatzi and Treva, immigrated, soon followed by a Whiskers rover, Princess Madcat. Unfortunately, they were not able to raise a litter in the 2013 drought season. The group was only slightly expanded when a group of four wild males, coming from the unstable Honey Badgers group, joined but also kicked out the two resident males. Naggapatzi could not keep the group stable, however, so she spent parts of the following months on her own, with the other group members being evicted or roving. Luckily two males and Firefly returned to tend to their first successful litter in almost two years. The males remained very wild however, so that habituation levels barely increased. In May 2014, collared evicted female Firefly was found dead, and the group could no longer be tracked after this.

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