Zappa (ZZ) 2001-2008



Zappa started in 2001 when Bettik, an Elveera female, and Mack, a Drie Doring male, combined to form a rapidly growing extremely attractive group. After the death of Mack, Young Ones’ Glufs took his place. Both died of disease, and Lola, a young Zappa female, subsequently established dominance, only to be ousted by her sister Punk. Zappa saw a succession of natal dominant males, in the absence of any non-natal male. However, wild rovers successfully immigrated into the group. In August 2008 Punk was taken by a Martial Eagle, and her niece Milla assumed dominance, with Withnail the dominant male. Milla soon succumbed to an injury possibly inflicted by a snake, and Katesa took over dominance. However, all males left the group to join wild females, in November 2008, and the remaining Zappa females migrated even further away from the farm, making further observation unfeasible.

Zappa were the Westernmost group the KMP observed, living Southwest of Elveera on the Heights farm. They were featured in Meerkat Manor Season 3.

The Zappa are available as a Friends group.

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