2019-02 February Life History File

The new Namaqua with Heatherleigh, Lewie and Whiskers boys Cleo, Bonnie and Clyde.  Photo by  KMP volunteer Graham Birch

February was marked by inter-group interactions, individual encounters with roving males and evicted females trying to get back into their home groups. Whiskers boys, Cleo (VWM205), Bonnie (VWM209) and Clyde (VWM208) emigrated into the newly formed Namaqua group, fighting Lewie (VLM208) for dominance.

Shamal(VVHM111) took over dominance in Make-e-Plan as the former dominant male, Le Grand Obstacle (VVHM103), was euthanized due to advanced TB.

Find the February 2019 Life History File here.

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