Current groups

This site shows the meerkat groups that are currently monitored by the Kalahari Meerkat Project (as of 30th June 2016), along with background information on each group. Click on a group name below to open a profile of the group, or click here to download a printable version of all group profiles.

This site is updated occasionally; for an up-to-date group composition, please refer to the Current LH report. To read more on lost groups, click here.


Group name Dom. female Dominant male No.
Axotwotls (AW) Bee 1
Baobab (BB) Amarula (BB) Willy (VH) 20
Ewoks (EK) Edzna (EK) Kazeh (JX) 12
Jaxx (JX) Teahupo’o (JX) Guinnes (wild) 9
Lazuli (L) Jub Jub Bird (L) LLCoolJ (wild) 10
Nematoads (NM)* Indiana (NM) Rum Tum Tugger (QL) 6
Pandora (PA)* Shoshonna (PA) Mr. Holmes (wild) 15
Quintessentials (QL) Bernice (QL) Pi (ZU) 7
Rascals (RR) Edna May (RR) Drachentöter (L) 11
Stumpy’s Angels (SA) Lekshmi (BB) 2
Überkatz (UK) Frosting (UK) Pitio (W) 9
Van Helsing (VH) Egg (VH) Küçük (ZU) 20
Whiskers (W) Swift (W) Brea (L) 4
Zulus (ZU)* Poma (ZU) (wild) 4

* indicates that the group is currently being (re)habituated, and no full data collection is done.


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