Current groups

(Under revision) These meerkat groups are currently monitored by the Kalahari Meerkat Project (as of April 20,2021) along with background information on each group. Click on a group name below to open a profile of the group,

This site is updated occasionally; for an up-to-date group composition, please refer to the Current LH report. To read more on lost groups, click here.


Group name Dom. female Dominant male No.
Elrond’s Council (EC)* Tayl Baez (BB) Palestrina (L) 23
Gold Diggers (GD) Cleo (wild) Shrew (UB) 25
Hakuna Matata (HM)

Jaxx (JX)

Flint Lockwood

Baloo (JX)

Finnick (L)

Leonard (L)



Lazuli (L)* Sigma (L) Odin (wild) 15
Make-e-Plan (MP) Bridget (QL) Banksia (VH) 22
Namaqua (NQ) Skirmish (NQ) 12
Phoenix* Pinky (wild) 14
Runaways (RW) Bigwig (MP) Shiraz (JX) 12
Trackie-Daks (TD)* Coquillette (TS) 15
Ubuntu (UB) Daisy (UB) Scar (wild) 13
Whiskers (W) Swift (W) Brea (L) unk
Zulus (ZU) Spruddel (ZU) Scuzi (W) 13

* indicates that the group is currently being (re)habituated, and no full data collection is done.


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