2019-04 April Life History File

Make-e-Plan pup suckling on Crunchy Nut. Photo by Meerkat Volunteer Lucie Reinwalt

Pups! Pups! Pups!  Food was plentiful in April, ideal for all of the newly foraging pups from Ubuntu, Little Creatures, Gold Diggers, Make-e-Plan and Lazuli.  There were even more pups still in the burrows of Elrond’s Council, Jaxx and Namaqua.  Whiskers dominant female, Swift (VWF176), and Zulu’s triple threat, Spruddle (VZUF028), Lil’G (VZUF029 and Lentil (ZVUF032) are all pregnant as well.

Run Amuk has gone extinct with the death of dominant male, Riptide (VHMM002), leaving young Bastet (VRUM006) all on his own.

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Run Amuk Riptide marking the weights box. Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden



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