2021-02 February Life History File

Not to be outdone by 21 pregnancies last month, this month boasts 24 pregnancies, 18 of them with subordinates.  Unfortunately with so many pregnant meerkats, there is also loss including lost pups due to natural abortion and infanticide.  If you are sensitive to these normal meerkat occurrences, do not open this month’s Meerkatter as the photos are graphic.

Make-e-plan dominant female Bridget. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

There were many pup emergences this month including a litter of six born to Jaxx dominant female Baloo VJX080, seven born to Make-e-plan dominant female Bridget VQLF011, six pups to Runaways, five to Phoenix and four to Trackie-Daks (formerly Tswana2).

Namaquu Manzai with young Hiccup in March 2020. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Namaqua subordinate yearling females Monoke-Hime VNQF014 and Manzai VNQF013 were absent throughout the month so are considered Last Seen.

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