June 2023 Life History File

Ubuntu Dominant Female Agazoth
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

One of the oldest of the KMP’s groups, Ubuntu, is highlighted in the June Meerkatter.  Former dominant couple, Daisy (VBBF111) and Scar (VUBM021), portrayed themselves in Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty.  Since its discovery in 2016, Ubuntu has experienced many tribulations including frequent dominance changes, both male and female.  Ubuntu’s territory is in the south of the reserve and is bisected by the mail road. Because of this, Ubuntu has suffered vehicular fatalities when the meerkats cross the road, the most recent being the dominant female Cthulha (VUB035) who was hit by a truck in May.  Adult female Agazoth (VUBF034) is Ubuntu’s new dominant female.

Runaways Dominant Male Shiraz
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Runaways had a group split after the death of dominant female Bigwig (VMPF022) last month. The group was reunited this month with the return of the two females that had split with Bigwig’s final litter. The four pups disappeared less than a week after Bigwig’s death.    There is currently no dominant female at Runaways.

Alba Dominant Male Pucky
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

At Alba, adult subordinate male Ozzie (VECM033) and former Elrond’s Council dominant male, Palestrina (VLM211), have been asserting dominance on Alba ‘s current dominant male Pucky (VECM023).  Male dominance is still unsettled at the end of the month.

In Whiskers, sub-adult subordinate male, Pit Lord (VWM260), has been given his LAST SEEN.

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Whiskers Pit Lord (L) and Thunderbird
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Click here for the June Life History Chart.

The Group Territories map is found here.


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