2021-08 August Life History File

Runaways dominant male Shiraz. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Spring has sprung in the Kalahari and so have the babies! Side Quest, Jaxx, Runaways, Trackie-Daks and Elrond’s Council all had pups emerge this month.   Runaways dominant male Shiraz VJXM122 has been very protective of dominant female Bigwig’s VMPF022 solo pup who has quickly become a favorite with  the project’s observers. Pregnancies have been confirmed with the dominant females in Lazuli, Make-e-Plan, Zulus, Namaqua and Gold Diggers.  A brief overview  of pregnancy in meerkats is presented in this month’s Meerkatter.

Evicted Runaways subordinate females Cirilla VMPF026, Hope VMPF029 and Scylla VMP028 were all accepted back into the group near the end of the month.

Find the August Meerkatter here.

Click here for the August Life History chart.

Click here for the Group Territories Map.

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