April 2023 Life History File

Monkulus in 2010
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

A couple of interesting topics are covered in this month’s Meerkatter.  First, becoming dominant is explained and dominance record-holders in the Project’s history are highlighted.  The oldest female to become dominant was Monkulus (VWF063).  Monkulus, who portrayed Maybelline in the original Meerkat Manor series, became dominant at Mayans at the ripe old age of ten years.

Another topic was inter-group interactions, commonly referred to as IGIs. When meerkat groups encounter one-another, fights can occur, sometimes with serious injury or death of group individuals. More often, one group will be chased off by a war- dancing offensive.  Jaxx, Gold Diggers, Dik-Diks, Elrond’s Council and Alba all had observed IGIs this month.

Ubuntu Cthulhu and little Behati
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Ubuntu suffered a few losses this month.  Dominant female Cthulhu (VUBF035) died when she was hit by a truck outside of the reserve.  A pup from her latest litter, Whippersnapper (VUBM065), was given his LAST SEEN.

Ubuntu Whippersnapper
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Sub-group Ubuntu 4 was formed when Ubuntu’s Magali (VUBF023) was found waking up with former Namaqua dominant male Shandy (VHMM023) and yearling male Love (VBSM003).  Magali had not been seen since July 2022.

Ubuntu 4 Magali
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

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