March 2023 Life History File

Pup Habituation
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

In this month’s Meerkatter, habituation is explained and a synopsis of the KMP’s

Cape Crusaders Timon
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

current habituation groups is presented.  The newest habituation group is the Cape Crusaders.  Dominance has not yet been determined. Cape Crusaders eldest subordinate female, Timon (VZUF049), had not been seen since June 2022 when she was chased out of Side Quest by her littermate sister, Side Quest dominant female Pumba (VZUF048). It is a pleasant surprise to see Timon as part of a new group!

The group territories map has been updated with new technology, allowing the KMP team to view the shift in group territories over time.

Ubuntu’s dominant female Cthulhu (VUBF035) gave birth to 5 pups this month. Adult subordinate male, Captain Barbosa (VLM265) finally emigrated back into the group but was yet again evicted by dominant male Greebo (VHMM048).

Namaqua Shandy and Love
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Although Namaqua was disbanded in February, dominant male Shandy (VHMM023) and yearling subordinate male Love (VBSM003) are still being observed for life history data.  Both have large submandibular TB lumps. The third remaining male, sub-adult Bruno (VNQM037), has disappeared.

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