2021-03 March Life History File

Zulus Sauce in 2018. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Sadly, Namaqua’s dominant male Sauce VZUM026 was predated by a Martial Eagle this month.  Born into Zulus in 2016 to then-dominant female Poma VZUF007, he is profiled in this month’s Meerkatter.   Also in Namaqua, both yearling subordinate females Mononoke Hime VNQF014 and Manzai VNQF013 immigrated back into the group after leaving in January.  They had been considered Last Seen last month.

Pup emergences continue this month, most notably with Gold Diggers with their mixed litter of ten pups!  These pups were all from subordinate females including Meghan VGDF018, Goldeneye VGDF007 and Fleabag VGDF005.  By the end of the month all ten pups were still present and all had been out foraging on several occasions.  Gold Diggers habituation level is in Advanced Progress now.  All individuals have been dye-marked and the group is able to be followed by observers for up to two hours

Zulus Sauce in 2018. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden


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2021-02 February Life History File

Not to be outdone by 21 pregnancies last month, this month boasts 24 pregnancies, 18 of them with subordinates.  Unfortunately with so many pregnant meerkats, there is also loss including lost pups due to natural abortion and infanticide.  If you are sensitive to these normal meerkat occurrences, do not open this month’s Meerkatter as the photos are graphic.

Make-e-plan dominant female Bridget. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

There were many pup emergences this month including a litter of six born to Jaxx dominant female Baloo VJX080, seven born to Make-e-plan dominant female Bridget VQLF011, six pups to Runaways, five to Phoenix and four to Trackie-Daks (formerly Tswana2).

Namaquu Manzai with young Hiccup in March 2020. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Namaqua subordinate yearling females Monoke-Hime VNQF014 and Manzai VNQF013 were absent throughout the month so are considered Last Seen.

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2021-01 January Life History File

With large amounts of summer rains on the reserve comes food-a-plenty and many pregnant meerkats – 21 in total!  Both dominants and subordinates in Gold Diggers, Jaxx, Lazuli, Runaways (formerly Fake-e-plan), Zulus, Namaqua and Make-e-plan were pregnant or gave birth this month.

Runaways dominant male Shiraz. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Make-e-plan subgroup Fake-e-plan is now recognized as a fully

Young Maverick with Bigwig in April 2020. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

established group and now named ‘Runaways’.  Bigwig VMPF022 is confirmed as dominant female.  She is currently pregnant as is subordinate Scylla VMPF025.  Two other pregnant subordinates, Cirilla VMPF06 and Hope VMPF029 were evicted.  Shiraz VJXM122 has been dominant male since last month after battling his littermates Merlot VJXM121 and Grigio VJXM126.

Zulus adult subordinate male Pixie VWM210 and yearling subordinate females Pumba VZUF048 and Timon VZUF049 are considered Last Seen.

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Zulus Timon, Lil’ G and Pumba. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden.



2020-12 December Life History File

Namaqua Melee, Lewie, Zuko and Skirmish April 2020.  Photo by Life History Coordinator Shaz Alderton

Following the absence of Heatherleigh VQLF018, Namaqua have a new dominant female – yearling Skirmish VNQF009.  The group ventured into Make-e-plan territory and initiated a fight.  Zuko VNQM012 was seriously injured and assumed to have succumbed to his injuries until he showed up with Namaqua nearly a week later.

With habituation group Tswana’s dominant female Britney VTSF009 Last Seen, as well as yearlings Oxytocin VTSF003 and Endorphine VTSF005, the group composition has changed so drastically that the remaining individuals are now considered a subgroup called Tswana2.  There is currently no female of breeding age in this subgroup.

As predicted, Aristokats disbanded.  The Worm’s Heart VCRM010 had been absent for over a month.  The females Annie VLF240, Weasel VLF241 and Squelch VLF250 have all been designated Last Seen.

Lazuli (and Aristokats) Squelch.  Photo by meerkat volunteer Maggie Campbell-Jones

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