January 2023 Life History File

Whiskers dominant male Brea
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Jaxx dominant female Baloo
Photo by Shaz Alderton

January’s Meerkatter highlights the KMP’s current “Golden Oldies” – meerkats living beyond the average wild meerkat lifespan, including Whiskers dominant male Brea (VLM157), Make-e-Plan dominant female Bridget (VQLF011) and Jaxx dominant female Baloo (VJXF080).  Congratulations Golden Oldies; you have beaten the odds!

New group Vetkoeks is holding steady at seven individuals including dominant female Mooncake (VHMF053) and her four new pups.

Elrond’s Council dominant male Palestrina (LM211) left Elrond’s Council with three other males and immigrated into Alba, pushing Alba dominant male Godric (VZUM053) out.  Palestrina and two of the Elrond’s Council males are competing for dominance.

Make-e-Plan dominant female Bridget
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

The future is not looking bright for Namaqua.  The group is down to seven individuals.  Former dominant female Manzai (VNQF013) was given her LAST SEEN after showing signs of advanced tuberculosis.  Current dominant female Mia (VNQF027) and three other individuals all have TB lumps.

Palestrina VLM211
Photo by Shaz Alderton

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