February 2023 Life History File

Dik-Diks Tuna Fish II and pups
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

The KMP’s newest group, the Dik-Diks, is featured in this month’s Meerkatter. First observed in January 2023, this group was formed by five Gold Diggers females and four Ubuntu males. Dik-Diks are off to a good start by giving birth to their first litter this month.

Gold Diggers Goldeneye (front) and Baymax
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

As expected, February brought many more meerkats to the KMP’s database. Gold Diggers dominant female Goldeneye’s (VGD007) latest litter had their first emerge, move and forage this month. Lazuli dominant female Sigma’s (VLF230) five pups emerged on the 26th. Whiskers dominant female Luna (VWF235) and Make-e-Plan’s dominant female Bridget (VQLF011) gave birth to three and two pups, respectively.

Alba Eldest Subordinate Male, Palestrina
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Elrond’s Council finds itself without a dominant male after Palestrina (VLM211) emigrated to Alba late January.

As feared, Namaqua is no more. With dominant female-by-default Mia’s (VNQF027) disappearance on the 10th, only three males remained including dominant male

The End of Namaqua – Shandy and Love
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Shandy (VHMM023). There must be both males and females to be considered a group. All three males are showing signs of TB.

Beloved adult subordinate male Captain Barbosa (VLM265) tried twice to re-join Ubuntu but was chased away both times.

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