January 2024 Life History File

Whiskers Luna VWF235
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

With the recent predation losses of Cape Crusaders dominant female Timon (VZUF049), Jaxx and Lazuli adult subordinate males Cigarette Smoking Man (VJXM153) and Beatrice (VGDM014), and Trackie-Daks former dominant female Fly (VWF237), an insightful and relevant article on meerkat predators, predation, and alarm calls, is presented in this month’s Meerkatter.

Zulus Dominant Male Baymax VGDM028
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

The group, Make-e-Plan, is highlighted in the January Merkatter as well. Its dominant female, Bridget (VQLF011), the oldest meerkat in the KMP’s current population and the last Quintessentials meerkat, went missing on January 6th.  Following an IGI with Gold Diggers and a group split resulting in the formation of a new group, Gold Diggers 4, Make-e-Plan is down to just 8 individuals.

There continues to be a handful of groups where dominance is still unknown or unsettled. Cape Crusaders and Elrond’s Council are still without a known dominant male. Trackie-Daks, Jaxx and Whiskers have no clear dominant female.  Previously absent Jaxx former dominant female Baloo (VJXF080) woke up with the group on January 11th.  Whiskers former dominant female Luna (VWF235)                                                                      was given her LAST SEEN.

Dik-Diks Dominant Female Juliet VGDF009
Photo by Charlotte Bendell

Zulus finally has a new dominant male, with Gold Diggers Baymax (VGDM028) taking this position. Juliet (VGDF001) is Dik-Diks new dominant female.

Brussels Sprouts Dominant Female Arabella VMPF035
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Brussels Sprout’s dominant female Arabella (VMPF035) gave birth with one pup emerging.  This little group of five could use all the help they can get.

Alba’s adult subordinate female Tuktuk (VALF001) was given her LAST SEEN this month.  TukTuk was the first named Alba member when she was a pup. Alba’s dominant female Tolkien (VECF019) was bitten by a snake on January 25th and is still missing at the end of the month.

Alba Dominant Female Tolkien VECF019
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Phoenix was seen for the first time in three months.

Alba Tuktuk VALF001
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

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