February 2024 Life History File

Breeding season is in full swing. Not only are dominant females pregnant and having litters, but the subordinate females are as well. The impact of these pregnancies and litters are explained in the February Meerkatter.

Palestrina (VLM211) has surrendered his position as Alba dominant male following the death of his dominant partner Tolkien (VECF019) in January. Adult subordinate male Pucky (VECM023) and Charlie (VECM031) are currently competing for this vacant position. Cleopatra (VALF008) is Alba’s new dominant female.

Trackie-Daks Coquillette (VTSM014) is also displaying behavior that may indicate his move toward relinquishing his position as dominant male. His former dominant partner Fly (VWF237) died in December 2023 and he is like the father of the group’s two remaining females.

Male dominance is still unconfirmed at Elrond’s Council. Dominant female Snoop Kat (VECF039) gave birth and four pups have emerged.

Make-e-Plan is likely abandoned. The majority of the group’s individuals immigrated into Gold Diggers 4. Only dominant female Vin (VMPF091) and juvenile Adonalsium (VMPF092) remained but have not been seen since mid-February.

Cape Crusaders dominant female Sky’s (VSIF003) remains were found between February 9 and 12. She was likely predated.

Female and male dominance at Whiskers remains unsettled. Yearling subordinate females Archangel (VWF259) and Candy Land’s (VWF256) litters were lost before emergence.

Hakuna Matata is now considered abandoned as they have not been seen since the end of 2022.

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