March 2024 Life History File

Alba Dominant Male Pucky VECM023
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

The life and times of the KMP’s current oldest male, Palestrina (VLM211) is highlighted in this month’s Meerkatter. During the course of his life, beloved Palestrina has been dominant male at Zulus, Elrond’s Council and Alba.

Palestrina VLM211
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

The KMP meerkat observers are often rewarded with captivating, entertaining and even comical meerkat events during their routine group visits. But there are also the heartbreaking sightings that are part of meerkats’ natural world. Dramatic witnessed accounts of pup deaths in Dik-Diks and Vetkoeks are recounted in the March Meerkatter.

Pucky (VECM023) has taken the position of dominant male in Alba after half of the eligible males, including Palestrina, submitted to him.

Trackie-Daks Boubou VTDF028
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Female dominance at Trackie-Daks is settled with Boubou (VTDF028) taking on that position following a direct submission from the group’s only other eligible female, littermate Chinchilla (VTDF029).  Trackie-Daks three-legged adult subordinate male Moon Moon (VTSM022) was given his LAST SEEN this month. He was seen two months ago close to Vetkoeks.

Moon Moon VTSM022
Photo by Shaz Alderton

Elrond’s Council adult subordinate female Mojo Jojo (VECF038) is recovering well from a serious snake bite injury to her head that occurred in January.

Jaxx former dominant male Leonard (VLM221) lost his dominance when he did not wake up with the group on March 17.  It is probable that the current dominant female Jub Jub (VJXF160) is his daughter and therefore unlikely that he would mate with her. Leonard’s former partner (and Jub Jub’s mother), adult subordinate Baloo (VJXF080), remains with Jaxx along with her two remaining pups that were born in February.

Jaxx Dominant Female Jub Jub VJXF160
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Nightwatch is now an official KMP group after staying together for two months.

Nightwatch Sushi VTSM06
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Adult male Sushi (VTSM006) has visible submandibular TB lumps.  Make-e-Plan is now a disintegrated group.  Of the remaining two members, juvenile female Adonalsium (VMPF092) immigrated into Nightwatch and dominant female Vin (VMPF09)1 was given her LAST SEEN on March 13.

Male and female dominance remains unsettled at Whiskers.  Yearling subordinate females Gnoll (VWF262) and Bruce (VWF266) gave birth this month, but their litters were abandoned.

Elrond’s Council Mojo Jojo
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

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