September 2023 Life History File

Magali VUBF023
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

A sweet story of Magali (VUBF023), the evicted Ubuntu female who founded the short-lived Near-Death Experience with Namaqua Shandy (VHMM023) and Love (VBSM003) in April 2023, is presented in this month’s Meerkatter. Surprisingly, Magali’s newest companions are a group of Cape Ground Squirrels!

Jude (VMPM071), the sole survivor of the doomed Make-e-Plan mixed litter of 13 pups born in April 2022, is also featured in the September Meerkatter.

Palestrina VLM211
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Ozzie (VECM033) lost his dominance at Alba by submitting to adult male, Palestrina (VLM211). Ozzie had taken dominance from Pucky (VECM023) just a few months ago.  While Palestrina previously sat in the throne at both Zulus and Elrond’s Council, dominance competitions continue at Alba, and male dominance is currently uncertain.

Trackie-Daks adult subordinate female Hachi’s (VWF238) swelling of her left cheek has gone down but continues to be monitored to rule out the possibility of tuberculosis.

Zulus Dominant Female Spruddel
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Zulu’s dominant female Spruddel (VZUF028) still has no partner since dominant male Scuzi’s (WVM213) disappearance in November 2022. However, she recently gave birth, proving that at least she is finding a little love on the side.

Vetkoeks Dominant Female Mooncake with Sea Biscuit
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Vetkoeks continue to struggle to increase its group size.  Dominant female Mooncake’s (VHMF053) litter was lost before emergence this month.  Of the six individuals that currently make up Vetkoeks,    Mooncake is the only female.

Whiskers Dominant Male Brea
Photo by Laura Salamone-Maiden

Whiskers dominant male Brea (VLM157) left Whiskers on September 30th following an alarm call.  He has yet to return. Earlier in the month, he turned 14 years-old, earning the record as the oldest meerkat ever in the KMP.

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