2020-03 March Life History File

This month a subgroup of Lazuli, Lazuli 2, formed but was short-lived.  Annie (VLF240) and Lennon (VLF246) left Lazuli on the 10th and a few days later they were seen moving one of the dominant female Sigma’s (VLF230) pups to another burrow 500 meters away.  The following day, Hakuna Matata rover, Shandy, (VHMM023) was at the burrow with the Lazuli girls and the pilfered pup.  By the end of the month, Annie and Lennon and the pup had returned to Lazuli.

Rock Monitor Lizard seen in Make-e-Plan territory April 2020. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

Make-e-Plan dominant female Bridget’s (VQLF011) six pups born last month were not seen after being left in a bolt hole while out foraging with the group.  It is suspected they met their fate to a rock monitor lizard seen in the area.

Vivienne (VMPF038) was found to have injuries to the face and

Make-e-Plan Vivienne with snake bite. Photo by KMP visitor Laura Salamone-Maiden

head consistent with a snake bite.  She is recovering well.

In Zulus, there is an unknown number of pups in the burrow as three subordinate females – Lentil (VZUF032), Li’l G (VZUF029) and Timon (VZUF049) – all gave birth this month.  Four have been seen in the burrow entrance.

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