2020-04 April Life History File

Lazuli Sigma’s VL1903 litter born March 2019. Photo by meerkat volunteer Jessica Granweiler.

Re-habituation of Lazuli continues and good progress has been made.  The group is now fully dye-marked.  Three wild males had immigrated into the group after dominant male, Polon (VJXM295), was predated making it impossible to follow the group and collect ad-lib data.  Both of dominant female Sigma’s (VLF230) pups born last month are last seen and assumed predated.

Seven pups of the original nine Zulu pups from potentially three different litters have survived and have had their first forage with the group. This increases the group total to 15 individuals.

Zulu’s dominant couple Scuzi and Spruddel. Photo by KMP visitor Coral Hanson

Significantly, two or three subordinate females’ were able to successfully give birth without being evicted by the dominant female Spruddel (VZUF028) who was also pregnant for a short time this month.

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