2021-05 May Life History File

Elrond Council’s Charlie, Arya, and Tolkien in 2020. Photo by Life History Coordinator Shaz Alderton

This month Elrond’s Council dominant female Tayl Baez VBBF117 was given her last seen.  She is assumed deceased since her radio collar continued to give off signal at a burrow without the rest of the group for several days. Tayl Baez’s story is featured in this month’s Meerkatter.

Jaxx had an encounter with wild meerkats, resultig in the death of a juvenile wildy.

Gold Digger’s habituation status is in Advanced Progress.  All individuals are dye-marked, weighable and two-hour follows are possible.

Pumba and Timon in December 2019. Photo by Life History Coordinator Shaz Alderton.

A new group has been found and named Side Quest.  It consists of Zulus Adult sisters Pumba VZUF048 and Timon VZUF049, Elrond’s Council adult male Legolas VECM009 and four juveniles.

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