2021-06 June Life History File

Side Quest’s Dominant Female Pumba. Photo credit Laura Salamone, KMP visitor

New group Side Quest is featured in this month’s Meerkatter. Zulus sisters Pumba VZUF048 and Timon VZUF049, Elrond’s Council’s Legolas VECM009 and four skittish juveniles make up this new group.  Since three of Side Quest’s meerkats were previously habituated, researchers are already collecting data.  Within weeks, it is expected Side Quest’s habituation will be complete.

Elrond Council’s Umfana VZUM034 immigrated into Namaqua. The status of the dominant male in Namaqua is unknown. Yearling female Chandler VNQF017 is missing from the group. She was last seen with clear symptoms of TB.  Dominant female Skirmish

Skirmish as a pup in 2019. Photo credit Lea Sueur, meerkat volunteer

VNQF009 is also showing symptoms of TB.

Galadriel VECF032 is the new dominant female of Elrond’s Council.

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