April 2022 Life History File

Elrond’s Council March 2022. Photo credit Laura Salamone-Maiden

This month Elrond’s Council dominant female Galadriel (VECF032) was given her LAST SEEN and her recent litter was lost.  Successor dominant female Calypso’s (VECF027) stillborn litter last month took its toll on her.  She disappeared early in April, appearing quite ill. Elrond’s Council’s two remaining females are related to dominant male Palestrina (VLM211) which leaves future dominance of the group in question.

Elrond’s Council dominant male Palestrina. Photo credit Laura Salamone-Maiden

The missing half of Brussels Sprouts was found this month.  While the group is not back together, dominant male Shandy (VHMM023), adult subordinate male Gurke (VHMM06), and the three now-juveniles Totoro (VBSF001), Lyra (VBSF002) and Love (VBSM003), are all safe and sound.  For now, this subgroup is called Brussels Sprouts 2.

Namaqua Megara March 2022. Photo credit Laura Salamone-Maiden

Namaqua yearling subordinate female Megara (VNQF020) who had been showing signs of TB, has not been seen since April 8.  Fortunately, no other individuals in the group are showing signs of TB.

Ubuntu’s dominant male Jumper (VTSM017) was killed when he was hit by a car on the main road.  Captain Barbosa (VLM265) has reclaimed dominance.

Ubuntu Captain Barbosa. Photo credit Laura Salamone-Maiden



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